Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology
Shahada Tajrish Hospital

Electro Tabesh Darman operates with an experienced staff as the operation management of the Radiotherapy Department of Shahada Hospital in Tajrish.
With the aim of honoring cancer patients and helping the optimal treatment of patients, which he considers his main mission, he will not spare any effort in order to serve the patients with a caring staff.

Radiotherapy and Oncology

Dr. Reza Sadeghi

Founder / CEO

Ali Jabbari Arfaei


Mohammad Taheri

Financial Manager

Pantea Gerdab

Executive Manager

Fahimeh Faghihi Moghaddam

Researcher in SBMU & Scientific chief

We care about your health

Our effort is to provide the best medical services along with maintaining the respect of patients in the whole country with the help of specialized team and academic professors of radiotherapy and oncology.


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